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  • Leone Leoni busts on loan from the Royal Collection
    Three magnificent mid-16th-century bronze busts by the Italian sculptor Leone Leoni have been placed on long-loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum by Her Majesty the Queen and can be seen in Room 63 in the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries. The busts depict the Habsburg emperor Charles V, Charles's son Philip II, as King of England, and the brutal imperial general, Don Ferdinando Alvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba, who commissioned the busts for his fortified palace in central Spain.
  • Learn about Art | Paintings | National Gallery, London
    This website provides information about the links between painting and sculpture during the Renaissance. It contains information about how artists used sculpture as inspiration for their paintings. The V&A has loaned a series of sculptures to the National Gallery where they are displayed alongside related paintings.
  • The Henry Moore Foundation
    This website has archived information on the exhibition 'Depth of Field: the place of relief in the time of Donatello' that took place at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. It looked in details at relief sculpture and included objects from the V&A's Medieval and Renaissance collections.
  • The National Archives | Treasures from The National Archives
    The National Archives hold some of the most important documents that survive, including a copy of the Magna Carta and the Domesday Book.
  • Turning the Pages™ - The British Library
    Explore a series of important medieval and Renaissance manuscripts online using the British Library's Turning-the-Pages interactives.
  • Past Exhibitions - Baltimore Museum of Art
    What are painted prints? Find out how brilliantly coloured Renaissance prints were made through this archived exhibition site. Explore an online gallery and zoom in on fascinating details.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art: The Cloisters
    The Cloisters is the branch of the Metropolitan Museum devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. This site is useful for those with a general interest in medieval history and art & design.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions
    An archived exhibition site highlighting the importance of tapestry production in the Renaissance.
  • The National Gallery
    This archived National Gallery exhibition site provides more information about the great Renaissance painter Raphael.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions
    An archived exhibition site providing detailed information about the great Renaissance artist. Zoom-in technology enables the study of individual works in detail.