Monday 24 – Sunday 30 October

Enjoy a week of board game fun, celebrating the opening of our new exhibition Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered. Over the holidays you can take part in our free daily drop-in activities and play a giant board game and become a piece yourself, and take part in miniature arts and craft activities. Or why not book on to an artist-led workshop to make your own board games.

Drop-in, All ages

 © Helen Rousseau

Collage Board Game Workshop

Monday 24 – Friday 28 October
10.30, 12.00 (60 mins) or 14.15 (90 mins)

Join artist Helen Rousseau for this surrealist-inspired fun 3D collage workshop, use unexpected materials like clay, ping pong balls or golf tees to create your own game pieces. In the 14.15 session, for children aged 7+, you will also create a games board.

£5 per child, Age 5+, £7 per child, Age 7+



Draw and Design a Game!

Monday 24, Tuesday 25, Friday 28, Saturday 29 October
10.15, 11.45, 13.45. 15.15 (60 mins)

Fun workshops inspired by colourful board games designs with independent publishing house Hato. Work with Hato’s artists to re-design classic board game graphics with drawing and collage.

£5 per child, Age 5+

Draw&Design_c HATO

© Hato Press

Steps and Lizards

Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Sunday 30 October
10.15, 11.45 (60 mins)

Re-design one of the oldest board games, Snakes & Ladders, you decide and design what helps the players move up and down the 100 square board. Will it be snakes, ladders, steps or lizards…?

£5 per child, Age 5+

Game Pieces Upcycling

Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Sunday 30 October
13.45, 15.15 (60 mins)

Game Pieces Upcycling Workshop
Browse through a selection of beautiful game
pieces, and with help from makers, turn them into badges, necklaces, cufflinks or anything wearable.

£5 per child, Age 6+