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1. Explore the Collection

Get the most out of your visit with your children by using our free Family Backpacks and trails to explore the Collection.

2. Free exhibitions

The whole family get open access to some of the greatest and freshest exhibitions about childhood, from board games to Doll’s Houses, children’s literature to great design. The whole Museum is free for everyone and you can even opt to join in with the free exhibitions activities run by our team of Volunteers.

3. Change your perspective

Peer in at artist Rachel Whiteread’s tiny community of working Doll’s Houses in our display of artwork Place (Village) and consider who might live in a miniature village like this.

4. Pick a card

Choose a family Welcome Card from our Information Desk on the Marble Floor. They’ll point you to an Object to visit and suggest some ways to explore the art together. At the moment we invite you to consider the magical squish and squelch of Play-Doh.

5. Name a toy

If you were a toy what would you be called? Get thinking about the ways toy designers create new characters. Think about what you’ve named your toys and why. Be inspired by our Archives on all things childhood, from Toy Design and Manufacture, to personal accounts of past childhoods.

6. Explore memories, home and family

This April, come and join in our school holiday activities and explore workshops inspired by our latest exhibition, Searching for Ghosts. Take part in family workshops in which you can model a miniature home, make your imaginary friends come to life or create the perfect family portrait. If you’re visiting outside of the School Holidays, there’s free daily activities on offer instead.

7.     Sunbathe and lounge by the Seaside 

Visit the second floor of the Museum to find our Good Time Galleries, see all kinds of objects that will inspire memories of long hot summers. There are deck chairs to relax in, a Punch and Judy show ready to perform and a sandpit to feel the beach under your feet.

8.  Have fun!

On your visit try one of these activities in the galleries to get playful with the Collection:

Strike a pose

Get someone to secretly choose an artwork, toy or piece from the Collection. Once the nominated family member has looked carefully at the object, find a space to try to recreate it using your bodies. The rest of the group can then try and spot the object the pose was inspired by.

Give us a clue

One person should find a portrait, doll or toy in the galleries that reminds them of someone famous or someone you all know (perhaps a neighbour or a friend). With the help of clues, the rest of the group can guess the chosen person.

The Naming Game

One person names a toy, then the next person has to think of another toy starting with the last letter of that toy’s name. A fun way to explore the Museum and a brilliant way to while away the afternoon on a rainy day.


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Exhibition - Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered

8 October 2016 – 23 April 2017. Board Games are played the world over, and have been a key element in family culture for centuries. This exhibition will showcase some of the world's best known and most loved board games.

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- Game On: Contemporary Board Games Study Day

Saturday 1 April. Hear from games designers and academics; see early treasures from the museum's collection and join in the board game jam.

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