Close up of a man standing on a bumpy pavement with a yellow footed background outlined by a red glow effect

Why do pavements have bumps?

Have you ever stopped to think about the slabs of pavement under you? Probably not – but these stones actually have an amazing history that dates back to 1965.

In 1965 the genius that is Seiichi Miyake first invented tactile paving tiles, known as the Braille Block. These tiles were designed to help visually impaired people navigate their way through cities.

Each tactile tile has raised lines or domes on them which create a safe path for people to walk on, guiding them in the right direction and indicating when it’s time to stop. It’s like a secret code on the ground!

Have you also noticed that sometimes the tiles are yellow? This is because the bright colour helps people who are partially sighted so they can also use the tactile paving as a guide.

So next time you feel or see these funky slabs, remember the genius behind them and the huge  difference they’re making on society!

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