A blue handbag with a black doorknob on the front against an orange background

Fashion Accessories design video: How to make a handbag

Are you into fashion and accessories? Fan of upcycling and sustainability? In this short video tutorial, meet Fashion Accessories designer Clara Chu in her studio, learn about her unique design process and follow the steps to learn how to make a handbag using recycled materials.

About Clara Chu

Clara is a Fashion Accessories designer who creates sustainable, upcycled handbags from waste materials. She uses repurposed household items like keyboards, phone cables, shower mats and biscuit tins to make bespoke, one-off bags. For the past year, she’s been based at The Shed, a studio in the Young V&A in Bethnal Green. Here are some of her handbags, what materials can you see she’s used for these?

Feeling inspired to make your own handbag?

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Have a look around your house and see what unused materials are there which you could repurpose. Think creatively – is there an old yoga mat, phone cable or shoelaces that you could use to make a handbag like Clara’s? See what you can find. What will your bag look like?!

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