People camping with a teepee with a polkadot background and a glow around the image

Grungecore vs gorpcore fashion: which are you?

Whether your style leans more into grungecore or gorpcore, you have an appreciation for comfort and don’t care for mainstream fashion trends as much as others. But which of these aesthetics suits you best? Let’s find out.

Question 1 out of 10:

How would you prefer to spend your weekend?

Record player spinning vinyl
Question 2 out of 10:

Which is more important when it comes to fashion?

Close up of hikers boots
Question 3 out of 10:

Which kind of documentaries do you like?

Mountains and trees in sun
Question 4 out of 10:

You’ve gone out shopping – what sort of clothes are you picking up?

Hiker with hood up in mountains
Question 5 out of 10:

You’re making a short playlist, what kind of music do you include?

View from crowd of rock band on stage
Just a quick random question – you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.

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A photograph of many people dressed as different Spider-man and Spider-woman all posing in a superhero pose

Yes! I’ve seen a bunch of stuff I’m keen to check out! 27%

I’ve only seen more things at the end of a quiz, but it looked cool 16%

Oh really? I’ve only done this one thing – where is it all? 21%

No, but I’m not that fussed – happy just to do this one thanks! 36%

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Question 6 out of 10:

Which colour scheme do you prefer?

Close up of branches in the woods
Question 7 out of 10:

It’s time to redecorate your room. Which look are you going for? 

Cosy snug in a sunlit room in a tiny home.
Question 8 out of 10:

Which outdoor scenery do you find the most beautiful? 

Wide avenue in a park with pigeons
Question 9 out of 10:

Are you more likely to…

Guitars on stands in musician's room
Question 10 out of 10:

When it comes to mainstream, consumer culture, you worry more about…

Vintage style lightbulb in a dark room

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