A bottle of Chanel perfume with a blue glow on a purple background.

How well do you know Coco Chanel? 

Let’s get into the glamorous world of one history’s most influential fashion figures: Coco Chanel. From her humble beginnings to her extravagant end, get ready to find out how well you know the woman who changed the face of fashion…

Question 1 out of 11:

What is ‘Coco’ Chanel’s birth name?

A black and white image of Chanel
Question 2 out of 11:

Which city was the designer born in?

Question 3 out of 11:

Which of the following fashion items was the first to be released by Chanel?

Black and white image of women wearing swimsuits
Question 4 out of 11:

Why is the famous Chanel No.5 perfume called Chanel No.5? 

Chanel perfume
Question 5 out of 11:

In 1931 Chanel signed a contract worth a million dollars a year, but what was that contract for?

A pug dressed with a beret
Question 6 out of 11:

What’s the address of the flagship Chanel shop in Paris?

The Eiffel tower
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Question 7 out of 11:

What did Chanel do before becoming a fashion designer? 

A woman serving food
Question 8 out of 11:

How did Chanel’s fashion career start?

Chanel Shoes
Question 9 out of 11:

Which actress famously said, “I only wear Chanel No.5”?

Hollywood sign in between palm trees at sunset
Question 10 out of 11:

What year did Coco Chanel open her first boutique in Paris?

The outside of a Chanel shop
Question 11 out of 11:

What does the Chanel symbol look like? 

The outside of a Chanel shop

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