Puma high tops with a polkadot background and a glow around the image

Match the decade to the sportswear

From classic sneakers to vibrant tracksuits, we’ll show you iconic sportswear from different decades, and you’ll have to guess which era it belongs to. So grab your sweatbands and get ready to sprint through the history of sports fashion.

Question 1 out of 8:

In which decade was this Fila nylon jacket released?

Blue and orange striped Fila jacket
Question 2 out of 8:

Can you guess the year this Kappa t-shirt came out? 

Blue and red striped Kappa t-shirt
Question 3 out of 8:

When was this Nike football kit released?

Green, black and white Nike Nigerian football kit with
Question 4 out of 8:

Tennis became an Olympic sport in 1896. But which era is this tennis outfit from? 

White tennis outfit with green squares
Just a quick random question – you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.

Have you heard of the V&A Museum (or Young V&A)?

[This doesn’t affect your result]
A photo of the V&A collection of a toy Jabba the Glob made by Hasbro for the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace. The toy is green and shows Jabba with a frog hanging out of his mouth next to a tub of Star Wars slime.

Yes and I love it! 15%

I already knew about it. 10%

Nope, it’s new to me! 39%

Not really sure what it is? 36%

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Question 5 out of 8:

When was this ladies’ golf outfit made?

Brown tweed golf outfit
Question 6 out of 8:

This trainer originated in the 1980s, but when did it reach UK shores? 

Blue and white Puma trainers
Question 7 out of 8:

When was this Adidas jacket made?

Blue and turquoise Adidas jacket
Question 8 out of 8:

Finally, in which decade were these Reebok trainers released?

White and gold Reekbok trainers

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