A worn cowboy boot on a rock with a purple textured background outlined by a turquoise hat effect

Y2K vs mermaidcore: Pick the colours and we’ll tell you your fashion aesthetic

Dive into our colour-based quiz and discover whether your style is more vintage Y2K or enchanting mermaidcore. Let’s find your inner fashion identity through your choices.

Question 1 out of 7:

Which of these do you like?

A field of flowers
A close up of many baby pink petals
Question 2 out of 7:

Which one do you prefer?

Abstract under water image with coloured lights
Faded rainbow colours
Question 3 out of 7:

What image are you drawn to the most?

Crickly blue plastic
A wave of water
Question 4 out of 7:

Which one do you like?

Blue water
Close up of a bright pink wall
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I found out today 16%

I already knew about it 28%

Nope, it’s new to me 28%

Not really sure what that is 28%

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Question 5 out of 7:

Which would be your preference? 

Close up of beige fabric layered on each other
Foil layered on each other
Question 6 out of 7:

Which one do you like?

Pink and purple cloudy sky
A bright lime on a tree
Question 7 out of 7:

Which one would you choose?

Green and pink scale / leaf looking object
Pink and purple cloudy sky with birds

Are you ready to get your results?

Customised blue and white adidas trainers, with comical stick on eyes, nose and teeth dancing back and forth. 

Promoting the Young V&A museum in Bethnal Green, London. A new museum for creativity. Now open, free for all.