Doraemon, manga character, outlined by red halo effect on red-dotted background.

Anime and Manga trivia quiz: Can you guess who?

The colourful world of Japanese animation is where vibrant characters come to life. In this trivia quiz, we’ll describe a character and it’s your task to guess who the iconic anime or manga persona is. Let the guessing game begin! 

Question 1 out of 7:

This young ninja has spiky hair and they wear a headband with a metal plate. The plate bears the symbol of their village on it. They were also born in October and were an orphan. Who are they?

A dirty room
Question 2 out of 7:

This series originally came out in 2006, the main character is a teenage boy with dark hair, brown eyes and sharp features. They also carry a mysterious notebook. They are very determined to create a world without crime. But who are they? 

A note book
Question 3 out of 7:

This character has a very average personality. They have a bald head, a small mouth and a tiny nose. They typically wear yellow. Can you guess who?

Yellow abstract painting
Question 4 out of 7:

This character is a warrior with remarkable physical strength and the ability to fly. Throughout their adventures, they constantly seek to become stronger, protect their loved ones and uphold justice. They also have black spikey hair and like wearing orange. Who is this character?

A fist in front of a white background
Just a quick random question – you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.

Have you heard of the V&A Museum (or Young V&A)?

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A photo of the V&A collection of a toy Jabba the Glob made by Hasbro for the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace. The toy is green and shows Jabba with a frog hanging out of his mouth next to a tub of Star Wars slime.

Yes and I love it! 15%

I already knew about it. 10%

Nope, it’s new to me! 39%

Not really sure what it is? 36%

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Question 5 out of 7:

This character is highly respected. He’s an old man with a bald head, a long white beard, overgrown eyebrows and a cut on his face. He is known for his strength, wisdom, experience and fierce determination to uphold justice. But who is he?

A car with a sign saying respect your elders
Question 6 out of 7:

This creature is small and cat-like with a playful yet sometimes moody demeanour. It has a round body, large eyes and a tail shaped like a teardrop. They are often seen wearing a grey collar and have an unusual looking ear on their head. Do you know who they are?

A cat
Question 7 out of 7:

This person is a determined and skilled dragon hunter. They are courageous, resourceful and passionate about work and can often be spotted in a blue outfit. They are a respected and valued member of the crew they work in – but who is it?

A green dragon

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