LEGO Indiana Jones - in graphic house style

Can you match the hat to the movie?

Think you can match the hat to the movie or TV show? From fedoras to fascinators, headgear defines the costumes of countless iconic characters. So put on your thinking cap, throw your hat in the ring and give it a go…

Question 1 out of 7:

We’ll start with a witch’s hat. But which witch is it?

witch's hat
Question 2 out of 7:

Who wears this rugged leather hat?

A rugged leather hat
Question 3 out of 7:

Who does this top hat belong to?

A green top hat
Question 4 out of 7:

What about this headdress?

A purple tiara
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Question 5 out of 7:

Who wears this three-cornered hat?

A three-pointed hat
Question 6 out of 7:

What about this purple fascinator?

A floral fascinator
Question 7 out of 7:

Ahoy! Who wears this sailor’s hat?

A sailor's hat that says 'ahoy'

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