Multiple festive candy canes with the classic red and white stripes, outlined by red halo effect on green and blue-background.

Christmas personality quiz: Which Christmas film are you?

Have you ever wondered which classic festive film truly represents you? Take this quiz to find out! Answer the following questions and see which Christmas film best matches your personality. All aboard!

Question 1 out of 10:

What’s your favourite activity to do in the winter? 

Question 2 out of 10:

Which gift would you most like to receive?

Question 3 out of 10:

Choose your fave festive treat:

Gingerbread biscuits
Question 4 out of 10:

Which Christmas tree decorations do you like the most?

Christmas tree
Question 5 out of 10:

This year, you and your family are lucky enough to go abroad. Where are you going?

Log cabin in snowy setting
Just a quick random question – you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.

Have you heard of the V&A Museum (or Young V&A)?

[This doesn’t affect your result]
A photo of the V&A collection of a toy Jabba the Glob made by Hasbro for the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace. The toy is green and shows Jabba with a frog hanging out of his mouth next to a tub of Star Wars slime.

Yes and I love it! 15%

I already knew about it. 11%

Nope, it’s new to me! 37%

Not really sure what it is? 37%

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Question 6 out of 10:

How would your friends describe you?

Grumpy cat
Question 7 out of 10:

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

Cosy fireplace
Question 8 out of 10:

What would you wear to an ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ party?

Dogs on red background in christmas outfits
Question 9 out of 10:

What’s your favourite part of a Christmas roast dinner?

Roast potatoes on a plate
Question 10 out of 10:

How do you help others when you’re off school for Christmas?

A hand with a bracelet that says Spread Love

Are you ready to get your results?