A photo of the actor Daniel Radcliffe in character as Harry Potter staring directly at the camera with his round glasses against a green dotted background with an orange halo

Harry Potter Quiz: How many spells can you name?

Call yourself a true Harry Potter fan? Let’s see if you can complete one of our hardest Harry Potter quizzes yet! In this challenge, we’ll test you on Harry Potter spells from both the books and films. So, how many spells can you remember? 

Be warned, there’s over 90 of them in total – and some of them are quite tricky to spell too! Do you have what it takes? Give it a go and then try and beat your score! Want to make this challenge even harder?  Why not start our timer and try to do it under time pressure?

Ready, set, go, go, go! 

Name as many Harry Potter spells from the books and movies as you can:

A photograph of Harry Potter casting a spell with light shining down on him

You have 5 minutes to play. The timer will start when you make your first guess. You can stop the timer if you want to complete the challenge in your own time.

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