Lego Harry Potter & Hedwig the owl - in graphic house style

What do these 7 Harry Potter spells do?

Could you get into Hogwarts with your knowledge of spells and wizardry? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. Can you guess what these spells do? 

Question 1 out of 7:

Someone just broke a bone during a Quidditch match. Which spell do you cast to heal them? 

Harry Potter having his broken arm fixed
Question 2 out of 7:

If you were to cast the ‘Incendio’ spell – what would happen? 

A locket on fire on a pile of leaves
Question 3 out of 7:

You haven’t revised for your upcoming test, so you’ve decided to make some notes on the inside of your arm with invisible ink. What spell would you need to chant to reveal your answers? 

An empty notebook with a quill
Question 4 out of 7:

There’s a potion which is also known as Liquid Luck, but what is the actual name of the brew? 

A teacher holding a potion
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Question 5 out of 7:

You’ve found yourself fighting a villain – what spell are you using to disarm them? 

A wand fight
Question 6 out of 7:

Someone’s been enchanted by a love spell. How would you use your magic to release them from its effects?

Ron looking in love
Question 7 out of 7:

You had your phone out in the middle of class and now your teacher has locked it away in a cupboard. You want it back, which spell are you using?

A door

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