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2023 music quiz: Can you name these top songs of 2023

Are you a music master? Do you know all the top songs, trending audio or most popular artists? Well, it’s time to test your knowledge of the songs we all loved (or loved to hate) in 2023.

Question 1 out of 8:

Which movie soundtrack hit contains the lyrics: “Baby, you can find me under the lights / Diamonds under my eyes.”

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Question 2 out of 8:

Sam Smith and Kim Petras won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2023, making them the first non-binary and trans artists to win a Grammy. What was the song that they won with?

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Question 3 out of 8:

The biggest song of summer 2023 based on downloads and streams, was by Dave & Central Cee. What was it called?

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Question 4 out of 8:

Can you name this heartfelt pop ballad from its first lines?
“I know it’s a bad idea / But how can I help myself?”

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Question 5 out of 8:

A speeded-up snippet of the song Ceilings soundtracked an emotional TikTok trend for breaking into a run wearing a floaty dress. Whose song was it?

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Question 6 out of 8:

Which singer “started to cry, but then remembered I… I can buy myself flowers”?

Question 7 out of 8:

Whose music video showed them being hit by falling stage lights at an awards ceremony?

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Question 8 out of 8:

Who sang “You’d better throw a party on the day that I die” in 2023?

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Are you ready to get your results?