A photo of Sabrina Carpenter looking directly at the camera against a pink spotted background with a blue halo

How well do you know Sabrina Carpenter?

Welcome to the ultimate Sabrina Carpenter trivia quiz! Whether you’re a die-hard fan who knows every lyric, or someone who’s just curious about this multi-talented star, you’re in for a treat. Having recently opened for Taylor Swift on her Eras tour, there’s so much to get to know about Sabrina! So let’s get ready to dive in and test your knowledge – go put on your favourite Sabrina playlist, and let’s see if you can hit the high notes of this quiz!

Question 1 out of 10:

What is Sabrina Carpenter’s middle name?

A photo of the singer actress Sabrina Carpenter smiling directly at the camera wearing a black top with blue borders either side
Question 2 out of 10:

In which Disney Channel show did Sabrina Carpenter play the role of Maya Hart?

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson in a tense discussion. Sofia is wearing a blue top and Sabrina a beige coat.
Question 3 out of 10:

What is the title of Sabrina Carpenter’s debut album?

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter in an orange dress mid-performance with a mic in her hand against a grey background
Question 4 out of 10:

Which song by Sabrina Carpenter features the lyrics “I tend to be my own worst enemy?”

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter performing on stage in a red jacket with a mic to her face against a purple lit background
Question 5 out of 10:

Sabrina Carpenter voices a character in which animated series?

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter mid-performance smiling into the mic against a blue lit background
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Question 6 out of 10:

In which city was Sabrina Carpenter born?

Question 7 out of 10:

What was Sabrina Carpenter’s first acting role?

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson with the actors in Girl Meets World. They're stood on a street outside a big house with surprised faces.
Question 8 out of 10:

Which famous pop star is Sabrina Carpenter often compared to?

A photograph of Sabrina Carpenter looking over her shoulder with a black headband against a white background
Question 9 out of 10:

What is the name of Sabrina Carpenter’s character in the film Tall Girl?

A photograph of Sabrina Carpenter in the film Tall Girl smiling at a table with a black top
Question 10 out of 10:

Sabrina Carpenter was a contestant on which reality singing competition show when she was younger?

A photo of Sabrina Carpenter smiling to her right holding a mic wearing white lace gloves and a white top

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