Cutout of Taylor Swift in blue sparkly bodysuit singing into microphone against a pink, orange and purple background

Taylor Swift Trivia: The Ultimate Eras Tour Quiz 

Swifties, assemble! If you are one of the few Taylor Swift fans who were lucky enough to nab a ticket for the iconic Eras tour or even if you didn’t manage it – it’s safe to say we are all HOOKED on the Era’s trivia. Whether you’ve watched it IRL, seen the award-winning concert movie or just read about it online; the immersive, epic 3-hour show has got us all talking! Have you been learning the dance routines? Planning your concert outfit? Or are you deep diving into the theories behind every costume change and apparently, even every nail varnish choice?!  

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s sixth concert tour. It commenced in March 2023 and has been touring across the world ever since, with it finishing in December 2024.  But how much do you know about the epic Eras tour?  Swifties, get ready – this trivia quiz is your moment to SHIMMER! 

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Question 1 out of 15:

In total, how many nights will the Era’s tour be performed?  

Wide landscape image of the Taylor Swift Eras tour stage, showing crowd and Taylor on stage
Question 2 out of 15:

The most iconic outfits of the tour are the 70s style sequin bodysuits! Which designer created the one on the Eras tour poster that she wears to open the show? 

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour poster showing Taylor Swift in sequin bodysuit embellished with purple, light blue and silver crystals and sequins
Question 3 out of 15:

During her Seattle show on July 23, 2023 – fans caused a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. This got called the Swift Quake by seismologists. True or false? 

Group of fans at the Eras Tour concert in Argentina trying to take photos of the stage. Fan in foreground has the number 13 on hand
Question 4 out of 15:

Who hasn’t opened for Taylor Swift as her support act? 

Singer beabadoobee performing on stage with guitar under orange lights
Question 5 out of 15:

What is the longest and shortest song in the Taylor Swift setlist? 

Taylor Swift with a grey kitten
Question 6 out of 15:

Throughout the tour, Taylor has been wearing a T-shirt with a different slogan when performing the song “22″. Taylor first wore the T-shirt, designed by Ashish Gupta, in the “22” music video in 2013. What did that T-shirt say? 

Taylor Swift wearing sparkly silver jacket and boots singing onstage in Sweden
Question 7 out of 15:

How many dancers are in the Eras tour? 

Taylor Swift and 5 male dancers wearing black suits perform on stage
Question 8 out of 15:

Taylor wears this dark blue sparkly bodysuit when performing the Reputation era! True or false?

Taylor Swift wearing bejewelled dark blue bodysuit and singing into microphone. The photo is repeated 3 times.
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Question 9 out of 15:

Some fans believe that Taylor Swifts nail colours even have meaning! What do they think the colours refer to? 

A hand with fingernails painted in blue, yellow and pink held out against a blue background
Question 10 out of 15:

In The Tortured Poets Society section of the Eras tour, Taylor wears a white dress covered in lyrics, designed by Vivienne Westwood. What song are the lyrics from?  

Taylor Swift singing on The Eras Tour stage. The stage design shows is a black background with blocks of white windows and silhouettes of people in them
Question 11 out of 15:

What music producer did Taylor Swift work with on Evermore and Folklore? 

Taylor Swift wearing yellow dress singing into microphone infront of a crowd of thousands of fans holding bright lights
Question 12 out of 15:

What song does Taylor Swift wear this fluffy coat and sparkly lilac dress for? 

Taylor Swift wearing a purple sequin dress and purple fluffy long jacket against a backdrop of fluffy purple and white clouds
Question 13 out of 15:

What world record did ‘The Eras Tour’ movie break?  

Fans queue outside large concert venue in Melbourne that has the Eras concert poster projected onto the building
Question 14 out of 15:

In the recent Paris shows, Taylor has introduced a number of new costumes in one particular colour. What’s the colour? 

Taylor Swift smiling with blue guitar against a black background
Question 15 out of 15:

Bonus Question for the superfans!  What IS the Taylor Swift Karma theory? 

Taylor Swift pulling shocked face, the photo is repeated 3 times

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