Brown Bulldog wearing ghost costume, outlined by light green halo effect on red-dotted background.

Halloween quiz: What should you dress up as?

It’s spooky season! Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s time to get planning your costume! Whether you’re heading out to a party, hanging out with family or doing a classic bit of trick or treating, we’ll help you decide what to wear. Take this quiz if you want to know what you should dress up as…

Question 1 out of 10:

Which of these scares you the most?

Someone in ghost costume wearing sunglasses
Question 2 out of 10:

Which of these outfits from the V&A collections do you think is the coolest? 

Willy Wonka costume, which shows a top hat, orange waistcoat, dark red jacket and trousers
Stormtrooper costume
Child's clown costume worn by Edward Granville Eliot
Importance of Being Earnest costume - a black dress and feather hat
Question 3 out of 10:

How do you feel about being scared?

Lightening strike
Question 4 out of 10:

Which do you think is the scariest?

Question 5 out of 10:

Will you be carving a pumpkin this year?

Two carved pumpkins lit up by a candle
Question 6 out of 10:

Pick one…

Trick or treat sign over a pumpkin
Question 7 out of 10:

Which Disney film do you prefer?

Disney palace in the dark
Question 8 out of 10:

Which of these animals would you pick as your sidekick?

Silouette of a cat in front of orange light
Question 9 out of 10:

Now pick an essential halloween accessory

Girl dressed up with crown, cape and spiderweb painted on her cheek

Question 10 out of 10:

Which is most important to you when it comes to your Halloween costume?

Two fake skeletons at a party

Are you ready to get your results?