Sou Fujimoto concept model

Our first concept model submission has arrived! Ryo Tsuchie, one of the team in Sou Fujimoto‘s office arrived at the Contemporary Team offices here at the V&A this afternoon, straight off a flight from Tokyo – having brought their two (very beautiful) models as hand luggage.

This is the moment Ryo opens the package and we see one of the models for the first time:

[Film 1] and [Film 2]

The office wanted to submit two proposals, both for the same location – V&A Architecture Gallery landing, both eplxoring the idea of rural idylls and the relationship between inside and outside space. Initial observations: one proposal consists of a cluster of perspex boxes containing intricate reproductions of plants and shrubs; the other is a hollowed, tree-like form rendered in transparent acrylic. Both seem well-suited for the south-facing windows and the generous floods of daylight that we are blessed with on the Architecture Gallery landing. I’m off to read the concept submission paperwork in more detail!

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