Sou Fujimoto in the Studio

We have just been sent a lovely little video by Sou Fujimoto, the architect who will be building a hollow, transparent tree-form on the Architecture Gallery landing. You may recall from a blog post last year that Sou Fujimoto has modified his design from a curvilinear form to one consisting of angular polygon elements. We had discussed how we might connect these separate elements to create the trunk, branches etc – and he has come up with an ingenious solution involving tough cable ties.

We gave each of the architects HD video cameras (courtesy of Flip Video) which they used to record their own thoughts on the themes of the exhibition, to document their working practices, their studio spaces, and to discuss the intentions behind their proposals for the ‘1:1’ exhibition. What I love about the film above is the importance Fujimoto assigns to maquettes, fragments, material samples, prototypes, sketch models and so on as crucial parts of the design process. His studio is absolutely full of them. If I recall correctly, that model in the background, just behind his left shoulder is for an apartment project he has just completed (his very first Tokyo project).

Below is a film which I also loved (from the huge selection he sent us) – here he gives a broad introduction to the motivations behind the structure he’ll be building at the V&A: the ‘Inside/Outside Tree’.

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