Galena PbS.

I was handed a hammer and encouraged to whack the rock hard. In an instant a startling starburst flash of light glanced from the interior as it fell open. This was Galena, the ore of lead. I was standing with a bleak windswept vista over the wild moors at the head of Weardale in the heart of the Northern Pennines: Killhope Lead Mining Museum. My humble piece of rock to the left and a perfect galena specimen courtesy of to the right. And this was pretty much the start of my museumaker journey. The North of England Lead Mining Museum Killhope is one of sixteen museums that were selected from four participating regions for the prestigious national project, museumaker. Individual artists were partnered with each museum and commissioned to create new work in response to the venue and its collections. The short film below made by The Proudfoot Company for museumaker documents museumaker at Killhope. Click the image to view to the video. From ceramic butterflies to architectural glass, fascinating work has been made across the country. Read about all the museumaker projects here

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