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I was there (so early) this morning. Darkness. Stab of the alarm. Hot tea. Ringing phone…. …. and a warm welcome to Radio Australia from the soft accented Barbara Heggen and Isabelle Genoux. Then immediately transported to the Pacific through a lively track from the New Caledonian Islands. And straight into the interview. You can listen to it here: Sue Lawty / World Beach Project Interview for In The Loop, Radio Australia ‘In The Loop celebrates the cultures and peoples of the Pacific and highlights the trends, opportunities and challenges the 21st century brings for the region’ It would be truly great to have more entries from this fascinating part of the world. The World Beach Map already shows a fair but, it has to be said, light spread across the area. I was told that Vanuatu, the most northerly of the New Caledonian Islands out in the Pacific to the north west of New Zealand, is renowned for the islanders creativity on beaches. We already have one from Pango, Efate, Vanuatu from Daisy Motua. I’m looking forward to more. World Beach Map Screen shot from World Beach ‐ Daisy Motua, Vanuatu

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