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And last week an interview with Lily Feng for the BBC World Service. It was for a Chinese Radio broadcast and online report about the World Beach Project, going out to Chinese communities around the world. I hope I said the right words to inspire ‐ it would be great to see the idea developing and extending to fill the blanker parts of the map. World Beach Map Sadly, I’m unable to read what Lily has written, but the characters look beautiful and intriguing. As do a great series of your World Beach photos selected for the BBC site. … And this week Radio Australia got in touch about a World Beach feature! They broadcast to the Pacific Island region and are part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. And so, on 24 September I’ll be up with (before) the lark for a live phone interview at 2:10pm Australian East Time for a programme called In The Loop. The interview is to be podcast after the show. I’ll post the link when it’s available.

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