Schools on Beaches across the Globe

More fantastic projects… In April 2009, Ka’u Homeschool Art Class Keikis were World Beaching on Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Big Island of Hawaii. They wrote: ‘ Mothers & Teacher Suzshi Lang made a large scale Honu. (top left) By Hawaiian law, it is a requirement to keep a distance of fifteen feet away from the turtles. The class ‘made a serene family of Honu resting on the beach out of smooth black lava rock. Some of the designs were so successful that one elderly tourist thought it was a real turtle!’ ‘The Honu installation showed both the creative force of the Keikis as well as the actual physical distance reminder of what fifteen feet looks like to the many visiting tourists.’ ‘It was a jubilant, fun and informative project. Great job Sara, Derek, Emma, Sachi, Sammy, Luke and Gabriel!’ In November 2008, a very considered collection arrived from Karachi, Pakistan. Here is a selection from Class lll of Beaconhouse School System along with some of their eloquent words. Top row: Car by Hassan Tahir. ‘Cars take you places. The idea came to my mind while I was collecting the stones on the beach… I have placed them in a standing position to make them visible. When I grow up I will deal in cars and design them. I will hang this on the wall as my first model of a car.’ House by Fatima Khurazmi. ‘The stones I used.. were of different colour and sizes because I know while making the house, different colours and materials are used. I love my house it protects me from all the dangers and it is a safe place to live with my family.’ Umer Hussain kneeling behind his stone drawing of a rickshaw. Neyhan Navaid made a star, ‘…my mother always calls me, “You are a bright star born to shine.” New age Robot by Hamza Adnan. Flower by Zainab Qadeer. Giraffe by Sandesh Kumar. And from Magoito, Sintra, Portugal. ‘Our teachers.. challenged us to accept this project. We went to the seaside near our school, Mestre Dom. Saraiva… The work represents our strength and means that united, we can create something beautiful, splendid.’ Carla, Sandra, Domingos, Elton, Isaac, Joao, Jorge, Ruben e Tiago – students of.. Artistic Painting and Ceramics.’ And back in the UK (almost exactly a year ago), a misty, murky, sea fret of a day only adding to the imposing sense of place at Boggle Hole on the Yorkshire coast. Steven Donnachie’s pieces stand on shelves in the cliff. Daniel Teasdale balances a fine line of constructed towers, seen here marching into the fog. Alec Briggs and his carefully coloured work, and the dramatic rock architecture of Boggle Hole. It’s a fascinating byproduct of this project to be introduced to the vastly varied coastal landscapes of our planet: black volcanic sand and palm trees, expansive beaches, small intimate coves, cities and beach umbrellas, wilderness, heat, cold … and as I write a significant clutch pouring in from the strong clear light, open landscapes and white mountains around Anchorage. Alaska. Check out Nathan Greene’s piece from Matanuska Glacier – stunning.

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