World Beach

Over the last few weeks we have begun to chisel away at plans for World Beach ‐ The Stone Drawing Project open to anyone, anywhere on this planet. You will be invited to make a stone drawing on a beach, photograph it (before the tide washes it away) and contribute the designs to a virtual world gallery held here on the V&A’s website. It is scheduled to be up and running sometime in the spring. Looking back through this blog, I realise it was May 2006 when I first threw open the idea. It can seem frustrating not to jump onto a thought straight away, but taking time can also be a good thing. For one ‐ it gives space for a wild notion to firm up or fizzle away. And for another, it allows opportunity to sound out what people think. Response to New Zealand Stones was unquestionably positive and gave me a lot of heart. The really exciting thing is ‐ people are already making work. You are unstoppable! Harry (11) posted a comment on NZ Stones. He made a design called ‘The Sea of Colours’ with Molly (6) and Kieron (8) in Devon last summer. It will be one of the first works to open the World Beach Gallery. As a taster, I show it here. Molly, Harry, Kieron with stone drawing, Devon, summer 2006'The Sea of Colours', stone drawing                 If you find yourself in a ‘beach situation’ or are travelling and want to take part ‐ do take some good, clear shots and hang on to them… We will need images of: 1. The Design 2. People making / hands making. 3. The Whole Beach ‐ to show environment/context/weather etc. I will update on progress here and say when everything is in place for you to upload your images. Any comments, questions, ideas ‐ all welcome. The more feedback at this stage, the better we can make the project…


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