Alluding to the elusive. How many tasks do we embark on where the ‘end’… that point of resolution… is like a mirage, shimmering invitingly, only to fade as we get near? Or, as in the previous post, is constantly shifting away on an outgoing tide. There is always a further distance to cover, it seems, than we bargained for. WORLD BEACH is SO close to being alive – a live project. Building it is technical, and well into another stratosphere of understanding as far as I am concerned. The On-line team are working hard to ensure everything behaves as it should. All has to be coded, trialled, tested, re-tested and signed off. Heat waves, holidays, floods and famine (well, not really) serve to disrupt. But it will be good! We are to have a Google world map to show who has been doing what, where. You’ll be able to zoom across the globe and in to the exact beach location to upload your contribution. (I do hope somebody has been doing something over the past weeks!) If you have made a stone drawing in every continent or made one each week for a year, you’ll be able to search by name to bring them all up together. And gradually the gallery will expand to celebrate the wealth of the world’s creative responses to particular stones found on a particular beach at a particular moment in time. … Is it ever the case that a job is done and dusted in LESS time than we allocated? I think not.

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