The Missing Nose

Exciting to walk round the galleries this morning and see at least some objects in place. A quick look at the Managers from Parade which have been reconstructed for us by   the American Manager lacks his face. A quick look at the Lachmann photos show three bumps – is that an odd cubist nose or a nose and two eyes one above each other? Whatever, we need to include them. Trousers and shoes have arrived so the managers can get dressed!

The reconstruction set model for Le Train bleu researched and made by Victoria Johnstone and Daisy Plackett has also arrived. (It was photographed while working out the decoration for the ramp – the pencils will not be a part of the completed model.) It is one of three set models in the exhibition. They are all very different from one another and this one serves a contextual purpose enabling visitors to appreciate what the set of Train bleu looked like when the cloth rose and the dancing began. It also helps to interpret the floor plan for the set..

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