Responses to the flickr jewels

I was delighted to see that the flickr group is growing really fast and with great contributions.
Here, some of my favourites:

You have some really delightful and imaginative work, I liked the Wordy Girasole ring it seemed very well resolved also desirable! The paper bangle is strong and looks interestingly three dimensional on the arm.

The zips piece is dramatic and looks impressive the way you have photographed them.

2Roses jewellery
I particularly liked your ring made of computer parts I think I would like it without the pearl because it seems to be a stronger concept without. What do you think?

I enjoyed the colourful exuberance of your neckpiece made of records.

Plastic Girl
Great lively work. I also enjoyed looking at your website. I love plastic knitting needles too and particularly the colours of the early ones, the strange salmon pink and what I call ‘1940s bathroom green’.

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