Design Your Life workshop

My Design Your Life workshop was the first one that I’ve run at the V&A. The DYL programme had three workshops, all attended by same group of kids. My workshop was about making your own lamps. We used craft foam to design and build a lampshade.
I have designed a lot of products for kids before but this was the first time that I actually worked together with them. They are so creative and honest. I like their innovative thinking and representational ideas. I learned a lot from them. The dragon lamp, designed by one of the girls, is one of my favourites.

Design your life workshop - Lao Jianhua

Dragon lamp - Design your life workshop - Lao Jianhua

设计生活劳技课这是我在V&A博物馆的第一个劳技课。我们命名为设计你的生活。这是有3个不同劳技课组成的,参加者为一群贫困家庭孩子。 我的是设计并制作一个灯具。主要材料是一种泡沫纸,用这个材料来包裹灯光。我之前设计过不少儿童产品。但是这是第一次和孩子们一起做东西。他们的想法真诚 并富有新意,我特别喜欢他们的天真的想法和那些具象的设计。从中也使我学到了很多东西。一个小女孩设计的龙灯是我最喜欢的一个。

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