Take Away Chair

When I walked around the Museum I saw some children sitting on the ground and playing. But the ground is cold in winter so I thought I would design some simple chairs for kids. I would just have a try, even though I noticed there were a lot of benches in the Museum.

This chair hasn’t got legs just two pieces of wood of the same size with two hinges. It can be folded like a book and the handle can be used to take it away. I also think that this chair can be taken when you go to parks or somewhere else. When you use it, you can find some stone or step to put it on or just put it on the ground. After I finished the prototype I realized that it looked like a laptop with a handle.

Take away chair - open

Take away chair - folded


便携椅 在博物馆参观的时候注意到这里的孩子会坐在地上玩。但是冬天地面很冷。所以我就想为这些小孩设计一个简单的椅子。虽然我知道博物馆已经有足够的长凳给观 众。不过何不尝试一下。 这个椅子没有凳脚只有两片相同尺寸的木片组成,中间用铰链连接。就像一本书一样可以方便合拢然后握住把手带走。同时我想如果你去公园或者类似的地方这个椅 子可以很方便带去使用。当你使用时,可以找石头或者台阶之类的东西作为椅子的高度或者直接放在地上。当我完成模型后我才意思到这个椅子更像一个带把手的笔 记本电脑。

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