What’s the Future of 3D Printing?

As part of the London Design Festival at the V&A 2013, the Science Museum joined forces with the V&A to present an inspiring panel discussion on the future of 3D printing.

Fractal Table II, Platform: Gernot Oberfell, Jan Wertel and and Matthias Bär; after 2011 as: WertelOberfell , designer. Museum no. W.29-2011

With the V&A’s Hochhauser Auditorium packed to the rafters, visitors listened to a panel of scientists and technical experts discuss their views on 3D printing, addressing questions such as what is most exciting in 3D printing at the moment, and what may be possible in the future.

‘Liberator’ gun. Cody Wilson / Defence Distributed, 2013

The event was chaired by Pippa Hough, Content Developer at the Science Museum, and tied into the Science Museum’s exhibition 3D: printing the future

The panel featured a variety of 3D printing experts, from a broad range of fields:

Dr Adrian Bowyer, a former senior lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Bath, and Inventor of the RepRap open source printer (“self-replicating rapid prototyper”).

Dr Phil Reeves, Managing Director of print consultants Econolyst, a 3D printing consultancy and research firm that advises on future business, technology strategy and the benefits of AM (Additive Manufacturing) adoption.

Prof Richard Hague, Professor of Innovative Manufacturing, and Director of EPSRC Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University.

Prof Mark Miadownik, materials scientist, engineer, broadcaster and writer at University College London.

Listen to this audio with a transcript

London Design Festival at the V&A
The London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A was a nine day festival of contemporary design that celebrated London as the creative capital of the world.

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