7 Inspirations for Henna Designs 

Looking for some simple ideas for henna hands? Or some inspiration to create your own henna designs? Whether you’re a beginner henna designer or an experienced henna artist, these traditional patterns and designs will give you ideas for contemporary henna design ideas. We’ve brought together some beautiful patterns, objects and designs that will inspire and delight you.

Pen Box and Utensils

A photograph of a 17th century pen box in a light green and utensils with red glass floral decorations surrounded by blue borders

This beautiful floral design is on a jade pen box – the flowers are picked out with rubies, emeralds and diamonds set in gold. It’s more than 300 years old but has a fresh, simple modern look.

Sari Shoes

A photograph of some red and gold sari shoes made in 1989 against a grey background

These ‘Sari Shoes’ feature a perfect band and leaf design that would translate well to a classic henna design for a palm and wrist.

Nose ring

A photograph of a gold nose ring endorned with multi-coloured stones and beads against a grey background

The star design on this nose ring has lots of little details that could bring some beautiful intricacies to your pattern planning. Also, it is fabulous!


A photograph of a porcelain blue and white bowl with painted decorations against a black background with blue borders

The tiny leaves and flowers on the simple spiral lines covering this Turkish bowl dating back to around 1545 are really inspiring for drawing very small, fine details if you’re going for a contemporary minimalist look.

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Sugar Bowl and Cover

A photograph of a kutch silver teapot and sugar bowl set of three, against a white background

Basically every part of the intricate decoration of this Indian silver tea set could give your designs a little bit of sparkle! Zoom in to see all the details.

Decorative panel at the entrance of the Madrasa of Mamluk Sultan Hasan, Cairo

A photograph of an ornate stone structure panel that would have been on a doorway in India with blue borders

 Bear with us on this, but this decoration from the Madrasa of Mamluk Sultan Hasan  in Cairo has a clear geometric circular design that could be adapted for a central motif.


A photograph close up of a sari embroidery in gold reds silver sequins and greens

This sequinned embroidery on a yellow chiffon sari is a perfect example of a balanced symmetrical design. The sari itself was made in Paris and then taken to be embroidered in India or Pakistan.