Illustration Video: How To Draw Yōkai

Yōkai are mythical, supernatural beings that are popular in Japanese folklore and often based on animals and objects in nature. These Yōkai beings have had a huge influence on many Pokémon and Studio Ghibli characters! In this video, meet Nananami Takeuchi, an artist inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology; and follow along she illustrates a group of Yōkai, and shares tips for how you can create your own!

The scene that Nanami draws is a group of Yōkai on their way to a lantern parade. The Yōkai group is made up of a Fox Kitsune (foxes that have paranormal powers) and a turtle. Also, an Oni (a human shaped ogre) and a Kappa (a toad/turtle sprite) riding on the back of a Nue Chimera (an animal made up from lots of different animals).

Watch this video, get inspired and have a go at drawing your own scene! What would your Yōkai look like?

Watch the video:

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