'Fudge The Fashionistas, Let Them Eat Cake' handbag, with a polkadot background and a glow around the image

Can you match the decade to the handbag?

Do you know your handbags like the back of your… hand? Can you tell vintage handbags from modern ones? In this quiz, the challenge is simple: pick out the decades that these classic bags were first released. Easy right?

Question 1 out of 12:

When was this green lizard skin bag made?

Green lizard skin and silk handbag
Question 2 out of 12:

What about this tan leather one?

Tan leather handbag
Question 3 out of 12:

When was this elegant black handbag produced?

Black patent leather handbag
Question 4 out of 12:

How about this bag that looks like candyfloss?

Pink nylon handbag
Question 5 out of 12:

When was this compact bag with faux pearls made?

Handbag decorated with faux pearls
Question 6 out of 12:

In which decade was this sequin-covered bad made?

Canvas handbag decorated with sequins
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Question 7 out of 12:

How about this tiny brown leather bag?

Miniature leather handbag
Question 8 out of 12:

When was this silk handbag first sold?

Black silk handbag with red amber balls
Question 9 out of 12:

What about this famous handbag design?

Quilted black leather handbag
Question 10 out of 12:

Here’s an unusual, very decorative piece – when was this made?

Black leather handbag with a garden in gold
Question 11 out of 12:

In which era was this colourful handbag produced?

Yellow, green, blue and red leather handbag
Question 12 out of 12:

Finally, when was this unicorn bag released?

Blue leather handbag with a detachable white unicorn

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