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Dress to impress: The fashion cores you need to know 

Step into the dazzling world of fashion where creativity knows no bounds! In this list, we’re going to explore all of the key current fashion cores. Whether you’re a style newbie itching for a fresh look or a seasoned trendsetter in need of a fresh muse, our compilation will help you find the coolest cores. Here’s your full guide.


Anime on screen

Animecore is all about having fun and selecting colourful styles. Think pastel hair, oversized sweaters and accessories inspired by your favourite anime characters.

Colour palette: Pastel colours and white



This style is perfect for anyone who wants to feel ethereal. Think flowy layers, light colours and ballet flats or sandals to finish off the outfit. Simplicity is key with Angelcore.

Colour palette: Baby pink and white

Blokecore / Ladcore

A brazil football shirt in front boxes of trainers

This style is all about feeling effortlessly cool. Blokecore takes its inspiration from Britpop bands of the ‘90s, like Oasis, Blur and Pulp. Wondering where’s a good place to start? Check out vintage football shirts, good quality jeans and adidas trainers.

Colour palette: Blue, black and white


Flowers in bloom

This fresh, floral style is perfect for anyone who loves spending time in nature. Think flowy dresses, light trousers, delicate jewellery and lots of flower-prints.

Colour palette: Neutral tones, pink and purple


A young woman posing

This edgy, confident style is perfect for anyone who wants to turn heads. Being a baddie is all about being glamorous, bold and powerful. Wear your jewels and don’t be afraid to be confident.

Colour palette: Fuschia, purple and silver


Pink ballet shoes hanging from a wooden hanger

This core is all about elegance and practicality. Your style is perfect for getting around, BUT you’re also ready to dance at a moment’s notice! While hunting for your style, your go-to is elegant silhouettes, tulle, ballet flats and leg warmers.

Colour palette: Baby pink, white and silver


A woman with blonde hair and glitter on hands

This style is perfect for any one who loves the vintage, doll-like style of Barbie. A clean, slick look is what is needed to perfect this core. Think pink, sparkles and glamour.

Colour palette: Fuschia, baby pink and sky blue

Cottagecore / Cabincore

A cottage window

This rustic, nature-inspired style is perfect for anyone who wants to slow down and relax. Natural materials are key to this look, so keep an eye out for cottons and linen when shopping for your perfect cottagecore outfit.

Colour palette: Beige, moss green and terracotta


Inside a tent looking out you can see trees in the distance

This style is perfect for anyone who loves nature and going camping. Similar to gorpcore, this style is all about embracing natural colours and earthy tones. Get your waterproofs and thermals out because campcore is ultra-practical.

Colour palette: Brown, earthy green and khaki green

Clean girl

Someone kissing a glass with water droplets on it

This minimalist, no-frills style is perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish without trying too hard. Think crisp white t-shirts, a simple blue jean and slick back hair. If you wear make up, embrace the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. If you don’t wear makeup, come as you are!

Colour palette: Blue, white and nude


A sad looking clown

This fashion style is all about being playful. It’s about embracing bold, bright colours. If you’re feeling super confident you might even be inclined to dye your hair using a temporary colour! Best to check in with someone before you get the dye out though!

Colour palette: Red, blue and yellow

Cowboycore / Cowgirlcore / Westerncore

Cowboy boots lined up

This rugged and practical style is perfect for anyone who longs to live the wild life. Make sure you have some good quality denim, a tan jacket, leather boots and a western hat.

Colour palette: Blue, chestnut brown and white


Someone knitting with a colourful, pastel yarn

This DIY, hands-on style is perfect for anyone who loves to create. Craftcore is all about getting your knitting needles out and making your own clothes. To really capture this style best, you might wear a jumper you’ve made yourself, or an outfit you’ve embellished to make one of a kind.

Colour palette: Any colours you like


Disco balls

This glamorous style is perfect for anyone who wants to dance the night away. Think sequins, jumpsuits and platform shoes. If you’re feeling like going the extra mile, maybe try some glitter make up too!

Colour palette: Sparkling silver, gold and black

Dark academia

A library of books

This preppy style is perfect for anyone who loves to learn and explore the world around them. The core is all about finding the perfect blazer and embracing those classic cuts.

Colour palette: Walnut brown, charcoal grey and moss green


Someone with socks and sandals on in front of a yellow background

Dadcore is all about the cosy, comfy vibes. Picture neutral colours like grey and khaki. Dad jeans, trainers and plain tees are your uniform. It’s fashion that says, “I’m here for a good time, but a chill time”. Socks and sandals anyone?

Colour palette: Khaki, blue and white

E-girl core / e-boy core

A woman standing in front of a white wall with heavy makeup

This edgy futuristic style is rebellious with a cute edge. This fashion core tends to focus on either colourful hair or dark hair, heavy makeup and oversized clothing. When searching for accessories, go for things like heavy jewellery and hairpins. It’s a trend rooted in online subcultures.

Colour palette: Neon colours, black and white

Farmcore / Countrycore / Cottagecore

A woman looking at red flowers

Farmcore is all about romanticising countryside living. Embrace the rustic aesthetic with flowy outfits in natural materials like linen and cotton. Go for floral prints and straw hats, and share your love for the natural world.

Colour palette: Sage green, beige and brown


A woman with fairy wings on

This whimsical style is perfect for anyone who loves the dreamy aesthetic. This fashion trend draws inspiration from the enchanting world of fairies. Embrace nature’s beauty and use flowers and crystals to create a dreamy and magical atmosphere.

Colour palette: Pastel colours, greens and brown

Gorpcore / Utilitycore

People walking down a hill along a hiking trail

Gorpcore, also known as utilitycore, is all about outdoor adventure style. Earthy tones like forest green and brown are your BFFs in this trend. You’ll need to look like you’re ready to conquer mountains in your sturdy hiking boots and zip-up jackets. The core is all about being practical, so think cargo pants and work boots.

Colour palette: Forest green, brown and orange


People at a concert

Channel your inner 90s rockstar with grungecore. The style trend is all about having a wardrobe that’s packed full of rebelliousness. From edgy blacks and deep reds to ripped jeans and band tees. Embrace your rebel inside and rock out!

Colour palette: Deep red, black and navy blue


A green gem

It’s time to turn up the glitz and glam! Picture yourself draped in luxurious jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. Sequins and sparkles are your go-to so you can be the star of your own fabulous show!

Colour palette: Emerald green, silver and gold

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A woman leaning on a doorframe wearing black

Embrace your dark side with the gothcore trend. Black is your signature colour, and you’ll often find yourself rocking lace, leather and corsets. Prepare to look like you’ve stepped right out of a Victorian-era horror novel.

Colour palette: Black and grey



Ever wanted to dress like a woodland fairy’s mischievous cousin? Goblincore has your back. Get inspired by moss greens and earthy browns as well as mismatched mushroom themed clothes to complete your whimsical, nature-loving look.

Colour palette: Moss green, earthy brown and other natural tones


A child with a summer outfit walking into a green bush

Holidaycore is all about the summer. In this trend, you’ll get to enjoy all the clothes you’d usually save for your holidays and wear them all year round! Opt for flowy, cool outfits, birkenstocks and anything white to really embrace the beachy look.

Colour palette: White, rich brown and beige



This chivalrous, heroic style is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they’re on a quest. Think shiny metallics like gold and silver and armour-inspired accessories. With flowing capes and regal attire, you’ll feel ready to save the day (or at least slay the fashion game)!

Colour palette: Gold, silver and grey

Kidcore / Babycore


This innocent, childlike style is perfect for anyone who still wants to feel young at heart. Revisit your childhood with this cute trend using pastel pinks and blues, oversized bows and playful cartoon characters. It’s all about innocence and fun!

Colour palette: Sunshine yellow, red and blue

Light academia

A empty book next to a tea cup and teapot

The light academia trend blends vintage charm with an academic twist. Picture muted, dreamy colours like beige and soft cream. Sweaters, glasses and a classic piece of literature in your hand will complete your intellectual stylish look.

Colour palette: Beige, caramel brown and white


A red heart on a yellow wall

Love is in the air with lovecore! Think reds, pastel pinks and lavenders, lace, and heart motifs. Any lovecore fashionista will radiate affection, romance, and all things warm and fuzzy. This sweet, romantic style is perfect for anyone in love.

Colour palette: Romantic red, pink and blush


The silhouette of a person swimming under water

Dive into the mermaidcore trend with oceanic blues and greens. Iridescent fabrics, seashell accessories and a mystical aura will define your look. You’re a sea siren ready to enchant the world!

Colour palette: Aqua blue, green and silver


Beige clothes on a rail

This minimalist, no-frills style is perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish without trying too hard. Normcore is all about blending in with neutral colours like white, grey, and beige. Think “less is more”.

Colour palette: White, blue and beige


Pearl necklace

This elegant, feminine style is perfect for anyone who loves traditional pearls. Soft, opulent colours like creamy white and blush pink will belong in your wardrobe palette. Pearls, lace and timeless silhouettes make you the epitome of grace and charm.

Colour palette: Light pink, blush and pearly white


Two mannequins dressed with suits and shirts

Preppycore channels a classic, polished style. Bold colours like navy and crimson are your go-tos. Collared shirts and clean-cut pieces create a timeless, sophisticated vibe.

Colour palette: Navy blue, red and green

Quiet luxury / Old money

A neatly dressed woman

Less is more when it comes to this understated, sophisticated style. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to look effortlessly chic. Think cashmere sweaters, silk blouses and minimalist jewellery. You’ll be the epitome of elegance.

Colour palette: Ivory beige, tan brown and black

Royalcore / Princesscore / Princecore / Queencore / Kingcore

The inside a palace

This regal style is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they’re royalty. If this is a bit of you, then step into your royal shoes! Deep, regal colours like royal blue and crimson will be your go to.

Colour palette: Royal blue, red and gold


Regency style white muslin dress with floral pattern

This elegant, historical style is perfect for anyone who loves to channel their inner Jane Austen. Pastel colours, empire-waist dresses and delicate accessories create a look straight out of the 17th century. It’s romance and elegance combined!

Colour palette: Pastel colours


A wall of pastels tiles

Softcore is all about gentle and delicate styles. Pastels, flowy fabrics and cosy comfort are your essentials when it comes to this style. Your fashion whispers rather than shouts, creating an atmosphere of serenity.

Colour palette: Pastel colours


A man skating and failing off midair

Hit the streets with skatercore! Baggy jeans, graphic tees and chunky trainers are your go to for this trend. Your style is all about looking cool and embracing the skater spirit.

Colour palette: Black, grey and navy blue


A beach with a lifeguard post

VSCO style is a laid-back, beachy vibe. Picture tie-dye patterns, crop tops and shell necklaces. You’re the embodiment of carefree, sun-kissed glow. Have you got your puka shell necklaces, scrunchies and film camera to hand – cause you’re going to need them!

Colour palette: Shell white, brown and blue


A woman with dressed in victorian inspired clothing

This dark and dramatic style is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they’re living in the Victorian era. Think rich colours of burgundy and forest green, elaborate dresses, lace and high collars to define your romantic style.

Colour palette: Black, burgundy and forest green


A man dressed with a tan brown jacket

Yeehaw! Westerncore brings the Wild West aesthetic to life. Earthy tones like tan and brown, cowboy boots and fringed clothing are your essentials. Saddle up and ride into fashion glory!

Colour palette: Tan brown, blue and white


An old cottage door with blue flowers around it

Whimsical core is like stepping into a fairy tale. Expect a mix of colours, patterns and eclectic accessories. Your style is a kaleidoscope of imagination and magic.

Colour palette: Pastel colours, greens and brown


A women wearing y2k glasses

This fun and flashy style is inspired by the fashion of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Think bright popping colours, low-rise jeans, platform shoes and butterfly clips. It’s all about embracing the nostalgia of pop culture and funky fashion.

Colour palette: Baby blue, pastel pink and fuschia


A man wearing 90s inspired clothing

This cool and confident style is inspired by the vintage fashion of the 1990s. This era was all about grunge, streetwear and minimalism so think blues, whites and blacks that range from baggy jeans to crop tops and chunky trainers.

Colour palette: Baby blue, white and black