A photograph of Raye singing into a microphone wearing a blue strapless top with a white lead over her shoulder. She is against a red and black spotted background with a yellow green halo.

RAYE: Songs you didn’t know the singer wrote for other artists

So we all know RAYE is super talented (6 BRIT Awards talented), but did you know that she spent a lot of her career writing hits for other artists? The singer was not only working on her own music, but making banger after banger for other greats! Some of these are going to blow your mind… Here’s 10 songs you didn’t know RAYE has written…

“Told You So” – Little Mix

A photograph of the band Little Mix at an album launch event all smiling wearing a mixture of black and grey outfits with dark makeup.

This laid back pop track featured on Little Mix’s fifth studio album, LM5 which was released in 2018 – but the track was actually written by MNEK, Eyelar Mirzazadeh and RAYE! Who knew?! 

“Let Them Know” – Mabel 

A photograph of the singer Mabel looking face on to the camera with blue hair and necklaces.

This pop single from British singer Mabel was released back in 2022. The song was the lead single on Mabel’s second album, About Last Night. For this song, RAYE teamed up with MNEK again – and SG Lewis to write the track.

“Breathing” – Anne-Marie

A photograph of the singer Anne-Marie Nicholson performing at Bestival. She is wearing a floral mesh top, singing into a microphone with blonde bobbed hair, against a purple background with a stage light coming down on her.

This melancholy track was released by singer Anne-Marie in 2021 and featured on her album titled Therapy. Anne-Marie co-wrote the track with RAYE and a songwriter called Fred Ball.

“Home With You” – Madison Beer

A photograph of the singer Madison Beer performing on stage inside a light box structure. She is holding a microphone, wearing white gloves and a white dress with her hair long and brown. The background is stage lights with purples and blues.

American singer Madison Beer released “Home With You” on her debut EP As She Pleases back in 2018. The song was co-written by the talented RAYE. 

“Capital Letters”- Hailee Steinfeld

A photograph of the singer Hailee Steinfeld sticking her tongue out to someone off camera in a cheeky smile. She is wearing silver curly earrings with her brown hair down over her shoulder against a black background.

This sleek pop hit was written by RAYE and other songwriters for Hailey Steinfield back in 2019. It featured on a film soundtrack and to date it has nearly 500 million plays on Spotify!

“Last Summer” – Zara Larsson 

A photograph of Zara Larsson performing on stage with a microphone. She is wearing a silver foil jacket and her hair is long and blonde, against a dark stage background.

This fun fast paced pop track was released in 2021 – but we bet you didn’t know that RAYE not only wrote the song, but produced it too! She is one seriously talented artist! 

“After the Afterparty” – Charli XCX

A photo of the singer Charlie XCX on stage singing with a mic. She is wearing sunglasses and a cropped top - her hair is up in a top knot. The background is pink and the drummer is just out of focus.

What a dream team – RAYE and Charli wrote this hit together (alongside other songwriters) back in 2016. The track achieved a top 40 position in the charts. 

“Sixteen” – Ellie Goulding 

A photograph of Ellie Goulding singing on stage with a microphone. She has her long blonde hair down and is wearing a white top. The background is lit up purple.

This nostalgic rack from Ellie Goulding was released back in 2019 and you guessed it… was co-written with RAYE and curveball… Fred Again..! 

“BIGGER” – Beyoncé

A photograph of the singer Beyonce singing with a microphone. She is wearing her blonde hair down and has a gold sparkly outfit on. The background is black with a stage light lens flare to the left.

Yes seriously! Believe it or not Raye has even written for Queen Bey. This track featured on Beyoncé’s album The Lion King: The Gift released in 2019. RAYE co-wrote the track during a writing trip at Beyoncé’s studio! At the time, RAYE tweeted: ‘Beyoncé told me I’ve written Track 1 on the new album 😭😭😭😭😭😭” adding, ‘I can’t I can’t’. Umm, that’s quite a big deal!