Close up of a guitar at a sharp angle - in graphic house style

Which musical instrument are you?

Get ready to find your musical alter ego! From the enchanting notes of a violin, to the thunderous beats of a drum, each instrument offers something unique. But are you an electric guitar rebel or are you smooth and sophisticated like a saxophone? Take the quiz to reveal which instrument best matches your personality!

Question 1 out of 12:

When you listen to music, which aspect catches your attention?

A drum kit in use
Question 2 out of 12:

Which word best describes your personality?

Someone taking a photo
Question 3 out of 12:

Which type of music resonates with you the most?

Someone with their arms stretched out with the sun setting behind them
Question 4 out of 12:

Choose a colour:

Circles of colourful lights
Question 5 out of 12:

Which of these is your preferred way to spend free time?

Someone using a squidgy to paint yellow on a white canvas
Question 6 out of 12:

Which of these qualities do you value the most in others?

A group of friends with mountains in front of them
Question 7 out of 12:

Which role do you typically take in a group setting?

A silhouette of people walking down a hill
Question 8 out of 12:

Which of the following words resonates with you the most?

Flags hang up with a mountain background
Question 9 out of 12:

Which of the following environments do you feel most comfortable in?

Question 10 out of 12:

Which one are you most like in your friendship group?

Wild flowers
Question 11 out of 12:

Pick your favourite word from these options:

A orange speaker on an orange background
Question 12 out of 12:

Which genre of film would you pick?

Locks on a railing

Are you ready to get your results?

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