The Gift List – 10 Traditional Wedding Gifts – Glass + Metal

Glass Jars Blue & Rose

Utopia & Utility  – The Perfect Marriage (take notes newlyweds)*

These exquisitely made vessels combine the functional with the fantastical and it is therefore no wonder that they have made it onto our very exclusive, VIP only,  Gift List of 10 traditional wedding gifts.  After all, are these sentiments of utopia and utility, the fantastical and the functional, not also the foundation for a happy marriage – making them the perfect present to mark the union of a happy couple? Well we think so… In fact, we believe many metaphors and parallels can be found and drawn between Utopia and Utility’s mantra and a happy marriage. Please do let us go on…

To begin, a good solid mold is required, then it’s a fiery, passionate process, invested in love, care, tacit skill and beauty that goes into making these individual pieces.


In the leha small

Of course hard work is essential, but there’s also a lot of fun along the way.

Uranium Glass


Rakumaster Anett small

The result is a harmonious whole….

Glass Jar Tall Blue & Brass

But like a married couple, the Stacking Vessel, can disassemble into two separate independent parts, each piece being highly unique.

Glass Jars unstacked

Further down the line perhaps build a beautiful collection – they make an extremely good looking family!


Brass & Copper Collection V&A


*Couples please do not take this literally and be responsible – reenacting this process at home would not make for a harmonious, passionate or most importantly a safe night in.


A selection of exclusive Utopia & Utility’s blown glass and spun metal pieces are available from the V&A Shop.


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