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Highlights in this issue

A portrait of the 'Raphael of silk design'

Jean Revel (1684-1751), the ‘Raphael of silk design’ had his portrait painted in 1747 in Lyon. This article focuses on the dress and furniture in this portrait, investigating the message the artist and the sitter conveyed consciously or inadvertently.

Encounters in the Archive: Reflections on costume

This paper discusses and reflects upon aspects of the practice-based research project led by the author and titled Encounters in the Archive, which resulted in a 17 minute film depicting artist/researcher interactions with theatre costume and other archived, difficult to access objects in the V&A.

A study of a Ming dynasty ceramic pillow

Chinese ceramic pillows are certainly very different in form to their Western equivalents. Seemingly straightforward in function, this type of object has been easily overlooked by art and design historians. This essay analyses the social value and multiple functions of ceramic pillows in Ming dynasty China, in relation to a pillow in the V&A collections.

Another dimension: integrating music with the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries

This paper, written by a former member of the galleries concept team and the research associate on the ‘Listening Gallery’s’ project, focuses on the innovative integration of new recordings of period music with the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries, covering Europe 300-1600.