A woman holding a sustainable fashion message with a polkadot background and a glow around the image

Sustainable fashion: what’s it made of?

From plastics to pineapples, sustainable clothing can be made of materials that are as varied as they are strange. So whether you’re a conscious consumer, or just dipping your toes into the world of eco-fashion, let’s take a look at the surprising substances making it into our wardrobes.

Question 1 out of 9:

This suit is made of a fabric called Tencel – but where does Tencel come from?

Blue tencel trouser suit
Question 2 out of 9:

Which kind of fruit leaves were used to make this bag?

Patterned clutch bag
Question 3 out of 9:

Which common plants were used to make this cloak?

Red and black striped cloak
Question 4 out of 9:

Which kind of fibres were used to create this kimono over 100 years ago?

Striped kimono
Question 5 out of 9:

What is this jacket made from?

Orange outdoor jacket
Question 6 out of 9:

This kimono is made of ramie, another type of plant fibre. What else is ramie used for?

Blue patterned kimono
Question 7 out of 9:

Which leaves were used to create this hat?

Hat made from brown leaves
Question 8 out of 9:

Which fruit pulp was used to make this skirt?

Shirt and skirt with black and white pattern
Question 9 out of 9:

Wow, that was a lot of plant fibres for one quiz. For the final challenge: which fibre was used to make this jacket?

White jacket decorated with plant fibres

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