Buzz Lightyear statue with arms akimbo, outlined by yellow halo effect on green and black-dotted background.

Unveiling some of the best Easter eggs in Disney and Pixar films

Delve into the hidden treasures of the cinematic world, where subtle secrets and playful nods await the keen-eyed viewer. These hidden gems, known as Easter eggs, are tucked into films as delightful surprises – but how many have you spotted? 

1. Flounder’s cameo in Moana

Flounder spotted in Moana

Flounder, from The Little Mermaid (1989) appears for a split second when Maui is singing You’re Welcome in Moana (2016). The fish cheekily joins during this sequence – and we don’t think it’s by chance! Guess which duo directed both Moana and The Little Mermaid? John Musker and Ron Clements! We love this little nod to their previous work.

2. A certain bug is captured on screen in Toy Story 2

Buzz Lightyear running through a shop with Flik on the floor

As Buzz Lightyear is running through the aisle of a shop to find his friend Woody in Toy Story 2 (1999), he zooms past Flik from A Bug’s Life (1998) in his toy packaging on the floor. You would have to bee(!) really on the ball to spot this little bug!

3. The Lion King in Chicken Little

The opening sequence of The Lion King in Chicken Little

In the opening sequence of Chicken Little (2005), there’s a funny and dramatic homage to The Lion King (1994). Cue, iconic music from The Lion King and the ruby red sunset that is so often associated with the film. But that’s all scrapped as the narrator is unsure how to start Chicken Little’s story – but they get there in the end!

4. Scar might just be the ‘mane’ attraction in Hercules

Hercules wearing Scar as a jacket

Talking of The Lion King (1994), have you ever noticed how Scar makes an appearance in Hercules (1997)? The hyenas might have finished him off originally, but Hercules can be spotted proudly wearing his hide here.

5. Rapunzel let her hair down for Elsa’s coronation

Rapunzel spotted at Elsa's coronation

As the gates of Arendelle opens for Elsa’s coronation in Frozen (2013), the brief glimpse into the bustling scene reveals an unexpected cameo: Rapunzel, recognisable by her short hair, is seen discreetly entering the castle. Blink and you might miss it!

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6. Rapunzel’s Princess Tributes in Tangled

Rapunzel spinning in her castle

Let’s throw back to Rapunzel in her long hair era. Her tower in Tangled (2010) is adorned with clever tributes to fellow Disney princesses. One of these is the spinning wheel, which is a nod to a classic Disney princess, Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty).

7. A truly Incredible moment in Finding Nemo

A boy reading a comic next to a women reading a newspaper

During one of the dentist scenes in Finding Nemo (2003), Buzz Lightyear lies by a toy box – a perfect distraction as you await your checkup for sugar overindulgence. Later on in the film, if you’re really observant, you’ll spot a boy in the waiting room reading a comic with Mr Incredible on the front!

8. Back down memory lane with the Pet Collector

A dinosaur appearing in a memory

The Good Dinosaur (2015) features a Styracosaurus called Forrest Woodbush. Keen eyes might also recognise Forrest from Inside Out (2015), who appears as a memory.

9. Heihei spotted in Raya and the Last Dragon

A market stall in Raya and the Last Dragon

If you’re eagle-eyed – or rather, chicken-eyed – you might have spotted Heihei from Moana (2016) in Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). The famous rooster can be spotted during the market scene standing by what looks like a chicken satay stall. In true Heihei fashion, the clumsy rooster is shown with a basket on its head. We hope Heihei doesn’t end up getting marinated, skewered and grilled next!

10. Ratatouille’s Remy had to stay paw-sitive

A silhouette of Dug from Up

A rat’s life isn’t easy, especially not in Ratatouille (2007). Running away from angry humans… and dogs! Talking of which, have you ever spotted the dog which barks at Remy the rat? And if you have, did you recognise him from anywhere? That little dog is of course Dug the dog from Up (2009)!