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Can you guess the Diva from the lyrics?

Get ready to test your musical knowledge as we journey through the most diva-licious songs of our time. From soulful ballads to chart-topping hits, these tracks have left a mark on the world of music. Let’s find out how well you know them!

Question 1 out of 8:

Who sang these lyrics: “Why worship legends when you know that you can join ’em?”

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Question 2 out of 8:

What about these lyrics: “And when you walked into the room / You had everybody’s eyes on you (supermodel)”?

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Question 3 out of 8:

Who sang: “Bet you you’ll see far / Bet you you’ll see stars / Bet you you’ll elevate / Bet you you’ll meet God / ‘Cause I feel like fallin’ in love”?

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Question 4 out of 8:

Who made these lyrics famous: “I want your love, and I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance”?

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Question 5 out of 8:

Who sang: “We only said goodbye with words / I died a hundred times”?

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Question 6 out of 8:

Who brought these lyrics to life on stage: “And I’m still standin’ after all this time / Pickin’ up the pieces of my life without you on my mind”?

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Question 7 out of 8:

Who famously sang these lyrics: “They wanna pit us against each other when we succeedin’ for no reasons / They wanna see us end up like we Regina on Mean Girls / Princess or queen, tomboy or king (yeah)”?

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Question 8 out of 8:

Who sang this: “I’m the hottest ’round / I told y’all mother-ooh / Y’all can’t stop me now”? 

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