A photograph of the DJ Marshmello against a purple dotted background with a yellow halo

Top 10 virtual reality music concerts 

Step into the virtual realm of entertainment, where music meets gaming! Here you can explore the top 10 most attended VR concerts. From Travis Scott’s Astronomical to The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn show, these concerts redefined how concerts can look, sound and feel in the 21st century.

Travis Scott

A photograph of Travis Scott singing into a microphone wearing a black beanie hat and hoodie against a terracotta background

45.8 million

This concert was the first of its kind! The immersive show took place in April 2020 and was a free event for Fortnite users to attend. Players were able to fly through the air whilst collecting stars. They could even dance with Travis Scott himself…well virtual Travis Scott that is! The viewership of this show peaked at 45.8 million players, which is a world record!

Lil Nas X

A photograph of Lil Nas X performing on stage in a gold top and white trousers holding a mic againist a pillared blue background

Lil Nas X Concert Experience
33 million

Go big or go home! Or in this case, maybe you can go big and stay home! This was Roblox’s first concert, and they picked a real star to host it. Across two days and four shows, Lil Nas X blew the minds of Roblox players around the world. Users were able to access the free show from the comfort of their own homes. Lil Nas X finished the show with a very special Q&A for his fans. 

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande performing

Rift Tour
27.7 million

Ariana, what are you doing here?! The popstar has made it into this list because she created a very successful Fortnite concert. The Grammy award winning artist held her first Fortnite gig in August 2021 and  demonstrated how  major artists can do incredible things in the virtual space as well as reality. The show was a massive success and wracked up almost 28 million unique players.


A photograph of the artist 24KGoldn on stage with a red vest against a tropical blue background

El Dorado Concert Experience 
17.2 million

24kGoldn grew up playing Roblox – so when he got the opportunity to create a concert experience for his fans, it’s safe to say that he was keen! Back in March 2022, 24kGoldn created a whole new world to perform his tracks, and his fans loved it. 

Twenty One Pilots

A photograph of the singer of Twenty One Pilots in a black balaclava and green coat on stage with purple and yellow lighting

Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience
13.4 million

Back in September 2021, Twenty One Pilots hosted a concert that featured a mix of new and classic songs, including Car Radio, Stressed Out and Saturday. Over 13.4 million unique players attended, and they had a say in how the show went! Fans could choose the setlist for the concert by voting for their favourite songs. Plus, viewers could interact with each other and the band’s avatars in real time. It was a good day

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A photograph of the DJ Marshmello performing on decks in his famous white tin can head with black crossed out eyes and smile

12.7 million 

The concert was held in Pleasant Park X, which was transformed into a giant dance floor! Marshmello’s avatar appeared on stage and performed hits like Happier, Alone and Silence. Players were able to interact with each other in real time by throwing snowballs at each other and dancing on the stage!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran smiling and standing against a white, black and green wall.

Justice World Tour
10.7 million

In December 2021, Justin Bieber held a concert on the platform, Wave. The concert was a huge success, with over 10.7 million viewers tuning in from all over the world. Much like the other virtual concerts, fans were able to interact with each other and  Bieber’s avatar in real time. He probably felt very loved by you!

Charli XCX

A photograph of the singer Charli Xcx on stage with a mic and sunglasses crouching down against a background of pink lights

How I’m Feeling Now
8.9 million

Users stepped into the Superstar Galaxy to experience a stunning show from Charlie XCX Ahead of the official show, users could explore the white space station all the while completing mini challenges which unlocked prizes for the show. The concert happened in June 2022, and Charlie XCX played her classics; Good Ones, Claws and Boom Clap. 

Denzel Curry

A photograph of Denzel Curry signing on stage with a mic against a black background

8.6 million

This special show was like a classic American block party but in a virtual universe. The streets in Roblox  were covered in thoughtful murals and users could play basketball all day. The event was held to honour the birthday of Joaquin Oliver, a teenager who died during the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018. Denzel Curry was keen to raise awareness about gun safety laws with this concert on the Roblox platform. 

The Weeknd

A photograph of the singer from The Weeknd holding the mic against a blue background

After Hours Til Dawn
7.8 million

The After Hours Til Dawn concert in Fortnite was a virtual concert experience held in August 2021. The show was in support of The Weeknd’s album After Hours in which fans could choose the setlist for the concert by voting for their favourite songs and interacting with The Weeknd. The performance was made to feel intimate and special for the users.