Dua Lipa singing with a polkadot background and a glow around the image

Who is your 2010s female fashion and music icon?

Uncover your fashion twin from the female popstars that ruled the music scene in the 2010s. We’ll explore your fashion choices, including hair, nails, accessories and footwear, revealing which star suits your style.

Question 1 out of 10:

Which clothing style do you prefer?

Question 2 out of 10:

Which colour palette appeals to you the most?

A colourful glass building
Question 3 out of 10:

Which are your go-to accessories?

Question 4 out of 10:

Which kind of footwear do you like best?

Question 5 out of 10:

Which fabric do you like to wear the most?

Just a quick random question – you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.

Have you heard of the V&A Museum (or Young V&A)?

[This doesn’t affect your result]
A photo of the V&A collection of a toy Jabba the Glob made by Hasbro for the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace. The toy is green and shows Jabba with a frog hanging out of his mouth next to a tub of Star Wars slime.

Yes and I love it! 15%

I already knew about it. 10%

Nope, it’s new to me! 39%

Not really sure what it is? 36%

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Question 6 out of 10:

Which is your favourite makeup look?

Question 7 out of 10:

How do you like to accessorise your nails?

Colourful painted nails
Question 8 out of 10:

Which style of hat do you prefer?

Question 9 out of 10:

Which do you like to wear the most?

Question 10 out of 10:

Which  is your go-to hairstyle?

A girl with striking dyed red hair

Are you ready to get your results?