An AI generated image of a t-rex in a large colourful fan necklace against a blue dotted background with a green halo

Dinosaurs in V&A bling

To celebrate International Dinosaur Day, we have answered one of the most important questions since the discovery of dino bones: how would a dinosaur wear our V&A jewellery? We know you have been waiting hundreds of millions of years to unearth this mystery! All dinosaur images are generated using AI, closely matching the design of the jewellery. Let’s have some fun!

T-Rex in a Phase Sweep Necklace

An AI generated image of a T-Rex wearing a blue and pink fan necklace next to the real image of the necklace from the V&A collection

This Glasgow designed, 3D printed with traditional handcrafting, linear lined necklace, would look rather fetching on a T-Rex, don’t you think? Imagine it strutting through the jungle giving some real fan necklace fabulousness! It might even help with hunting, their prey will be so desperate to find out where they can get such a stylish necklace and then… CHOMP! Nice.

Stegosaurus in a peridot necklace and earrings

An AI image of a stegosaurus wearing a peridot necklace and earrings next to the real photograph of the necklace and earrings from the V&A collection

Look how pleased this Stegosaurus looks with its 19th century peridot necklace and earrings set. It is no doubt off to a super swanky jungle party! Who said 154 million years has to get in the way of wearing some Georgian jewellery?!

Diplodocus in diamanté

An AI image of a diplodocus wearing a colourful paste necklace - next is the photo of the real necklace from the V&A collection

There is nothing dippy about this Diplodocus. Plodding through the jungle in dazzling rainbow jewels like it owns the joint. They would be the envy of all dinosaurs in this colourful necklace.

Triceratops in Filigree

An AI image of a triceratops wearing a giant filigree gold necklace around its head bone with the photograph of the real filigree necklace next to it

This glorious gold Indian filigree necklace would be extravagant on a human, but imagine on a Triceratops? Of course, the Triceratops would have its own unique way of wearing it – what do you think? Cool or what?

Velociraptor in very real looking fake rubies

An AI generated image of a velociraptor in a necklace made of red and white stones - next to the real necklace from the V&A collection

With this beautiful 18th century necklace, the Velociraptor would probably want to show it off to its prey before hunting it. Work it, work it! The jungle had better watch out for this shining star.