An image of a Father lying next to his baby and both are smiling against a blue dotted background with a purple halo

Father’s Day at the V&A

Get ready to celebrate all dads and father figures in style this Father’s Day by taking a deeper look at our collection of dad-related objects! This list pays homage to the remarkable role pappies play in our lives. Whether the father figure in your life is a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply enjoys a good laugh, you’ll find something here to make his day extra special.

Support from Dad

A photograph of a man wearing glasses and a black top holding his daughter on his shouders. She has her head down on her hands which are on top of his head and both are smiling.

This gorgeous black and white photograph captured by John Heywood in 1994, shows a little girl on the shoulders of her Dad. Who remembers doing this as a little kid, or do you STILL do it? See if you can recreate a shot like this in black and white, or sepia, whatever you prefer!

A painting showing the text "I wish we were the only people onboard this planet" in white on a black globe with two figures on top holding hands against a blue background bordered with orange.

This beautiful collaboration is between a young boy, Woody, and his Dad Sonny. Woody was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and has a unique and wonderful way of looking at the world, especially with his turns of phrase. His Dad decided to record these and turn them into linocut designs, which they have since termed ‘Woodisms’. Profits from the sales of these ‘Woodisms’ goes to Ambitious About Autism, a national charity that helps children with autism reach their potential. Why don’t you try turning something you heard into art!

My dad and a rainy day

A black and white moody photograph of a man lying on a sofa in a white top against a window with trees in the background

Michael Bennett snapped this of his Dad taking a rest on the sofa during a rainy day in the 1970s. The composition is very interesting here, almost like a Pre-Raphaelite painting. What poses on furniture around your house could you photograph in a haunting way like this? Could you take a snap of your dad having a sunday afternoon snooze?!

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A photograph of many people dressed as different Spider-man and Spider-woman all posing in a superhero pose

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David Prescod (Step Father) at home on his break, Primrose Hill

A photograph of a man holding a bag of food wearing a busman's uniform against a grey background with orange borders

Normski captured his Step-father having a break from his job on the London buses in the 1970s. London Transport offered employment opportunities to people from the Caribbean in the post-war labour shortage. This series of photographs is part of the Staying Power project, a five year partnership between the V&A and Black Cultural Archives which explores black British experiences from the 1950s to 1990s.

Allons, papa, faut encore sauter

An illustration of a man skipping a rope with his two children in a home setting.

This charming 19th century illustration shows a Dad literally being roped into skipping by his enthusiastic children. He looks a bit worn out, bless him! What activities do you share with the Dad in your life?