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Discover over 200 years of fashion, music, home life and the craze for hot-air balloons in Europe 1600–1815. You can find family games and activities throughout the galleries to inspire your creativity and get everyone talking. Look out for the dedicated activity areas The Cabinet, The Masquerade and The Salon to start the fun.

Europe 1600–1815 is Rooms 1-7, on Level 0. 

Parrot pursuit

Parrot pursuit

There are special labels for families throughout Europe 1600–1815. Look for the parrot. Can you find all 30?

Interactive: Explore the Ommegang

Procession painting - Room 7

The Ommegang is a huge, colourful painting of a special event in Brussels in 1615. Look for the spectacular costumes, many animals, and children getting up to mischief. You can explore these details and many more using the interactive next to the painting.

Explore The Ommegang

Activity table

Calling all collectors - Room 6

Follow in the footsteps of 17th-century collectors and explore the natural and man-made world of the Activity Table. You’ll find games to play, objects to touch and riddles to solve. Make a rubbing from the enormous table-top design, and look out for the lizard.

Terrible Trades

Terrible Trades - Room 4

Can you become a master of your trade? Start the game as an apprentice and test your skills and know-how in grisly working conditions. How far can you go?

Play Terrible Trades

Design a Wig

Design a Wig

Try your hand at 18th-century hairdressing! Create and share your own hair-raising wig online. How will you decorate yours?

Online only

Play Design a Wig

The Masquerade

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The Masquerade - Room 2a

Join Harlequin for a day in Venice during the masquerade. This full-height interactive film begins at a masked ball. Can you copy Harlequin’s moves to complete your journey?

Touch objects

Touch objects

Get hands-on with objects you can touch. There are five in the galleries. Can you find the animal on the gingerbread mould?

You can also listen to audio descriptions of these objects in the galleries, or online.
Visit vam.ac.uk/europeaudio and choose ‘Start Exploring’ to find the touch tour.


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