V&A Secret Seekers

V&A Secret Seekers is a new mobile game for families, launched to coincide with the opening of the V&A's Exhibition Road Quarter.

Let eight characters from the V&A's history guide you on an exciting treasure hunt to uncover some of the secrets of the Museum. Queen Victoria, William Morris, Jim the Dog and their friends will help families discover little-known facts and features through a host of challenges. Created by BAFTA award-winning games studio Preloaded, V&A Secret Seekers encourages players to discover the story of the V&A held within its walls.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can play the game, which features original illustrations and animations bringing the personalities of the Museum to life – from its founder Prince Albert and Madame Celeste, the first restaurant manager, to Captain Fowke, the Museum's architect and Henry Cole, its first Director.

Meet the characters

Art for All

Name: Prince Albert

Position: Founder

“I created this Museum! My vision was to inspire people and industry to be more creative. Back in 1851 Britain simply wasn't good enough in the field of Art and Design”

Queen Bee

Name: Queen Victoria

Position: Ruler

“When I was on the throne I lived to serve my country and creating this Museum was part of my duty. I originally wanted to call it the 'Albert Museum' to give full credit to my husband and his vision”

Director's Chair

Name: Henry Cole

Position: Director

I was the first Director of this Museum and helped to shape what the V&A is today. My job was to help promote art and design education in Great Britain.”

Iron and Steel

Name: Captain Fowke

Position: Engineer

“I applied all my knowledge of materials and structures to create the building plans for the Museum. I used modern materials, but also applied historic Renaissance styles to the Museum buildings”

Arty Ace

Character: William Morris

Position: Designer

“The V&A is committed to the arts. Designers like me were employed to decorate its buildings. I once said, 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'”

People Person

Name: Madame Celeste

Postion: Café Manager

“The V&A is the first museum in the world to have a café! I was proud to be the manager. Come and fuel yourself at the Café before exploring the galleries - it's thirsty work!”

Curious Cat

Name: Annie Kemp

Position: Art student

“I studied at the art school which was on the same site as the V&A. When the Museum was being built, me and the other art students helped out with the decoration.”

Mischief Maker

Name: Jim the Dog

Position: Faithful Friend

“I just love to run around this place with my owner, Henry Cole. Although he doesn't run much... My favourite thing is to jump around in the garden. Henry doesn't do much of that either.”