Make & do

Want to make your own videogame, craft your own plywood furniture, sew a Mary Quant dress or try out some 1940s knitwear? Get creative with these free making activities inspired by our collections.

Stitch & sew

Stitch & sew

Sew your own Mary Quant-style minidress

This easy-to-use, customisable sewing pattern is inspired by Mary Quant's iconic 1960s minidresses – the look that defined a generation. You can shorten it if you want to show a bit more thigh, or lengthen to turn it into a more 70s style maxi-dress.

Includes printable sewing pattern, full instructions and video tutorial. Designed for beginners.

Sew your own Mary Quant 'Georgie' dress

The bold and beautiful 'Georgie' dress is an original Quant design from 1962. With a wrap-over front bodice, three-quarter-length sleeves and wide sash belt finished with a bow, it's pure mid-century elegance.

Includes printable sewing pattern and full instructions. Designed for advanced beginners.

Sew your own Frida Kahlo inspired huipil

A 'huipil' is a sleeveless tunic, traditionally worn by women in many regions of Mexico and Guatemala. This sewing pattern is inspired by the huipiles worn by the artist Frida Kahlo, as well as examples in our textile collection.

Includes printable sewing pattern and full instructions. Designed for complete beginners.

Make your own Japanese style 'boro' bag

Want to use up or repurpose left-over fabric scraps? Try your hand at crafting your own shopping bag, inspired by the Japanese boroboro tradition of recycling and reworking pre-existing textiles.

Includes full instructions. This design can be sewn by hand or machine.

Knit, crochet & embroider

Knit, crochet & embroider

1940s knitting patterns

Create your own classic 1940s fashions with these downloadable knitting patterns, including some very natty head-gear, flashy fish-nets ("Vogue's choice for town") and the patriotic 'Victory jumper'. There's even a pattern to make a 'happy-thought' tea-cosy.

Includes full pattern/instructions for each design.

Knit a work of art by Freddie Robins

Freddie Robins is known for her subversive knitted designs that cross the boundaries of art, design and craft. Her Odd Gloves series includes twists on the traditional pair of gloves, from pairs that are joined to each other, to a single glove with ten fingers.

We show you how to knit your own.

Crochet your own flower folk collar

Meet Katie Jones – the personification of the vibrant television test card. Her intensely colourful hand-knitted and crocheted designs inspire makers of all abilities to create their own luxury fashion, homewares and accessories.

Follow Katie to make your own Flower Folk Collar inspired by our collections. Includes pattern, full instructions and step-by-step video tutorial.

Make your own Mexican-inspired embroidery

These free, downloadable embroidery patterns have been inspired by a group of beautiful 19th-century samplers in our collection, originating from Mexico. Follow the instructions to make an embroidered bag, big enough for a wallet, keys and mobile phone or use the designs to decorate your own creations.

Includes printable designs, stitch guide and full instructions.

Make your own embroidered zipped pouch

Download this free pattern to create a striking wave-design zipped pouch, using the simplest Bargello ('Flame-Stitch') embroidery technique. It's ideal for carrying cards, coins or makeup.

Includes embroidery stitch guide and full instructions.

Code & hack

Code & hack

How to make a videogame

Discover how games work and what makes them fun, and apply these skills to make your very own videogame with PuzzleScript, a free tool designed to get you started with coding and game-making.

Includes video tutorials and downloadable guide.

Videogame controller hacks

Want to customise your videogame controller using a soft-toy and a cheap mouse? These video tutorials walk you through two simple controller hacks that you can make at home.

These hacks use hot and sharp materials, please make sure children are supervised by an adult.

Happy hacking!

DIY with Plywood

DIY with Plywood

Plywood furniture designs

From an ingenious 'odds and ends' desk lamp designed exclusively for the V&A, to a large scale, CNC-cut greenhouse, get making with our best-of-the-web DIY plywood projects.

Plywood can be cut digitally or with simple hand tools. These projects range in scale and ability, from very simple to more complex.



Make your own paper peepshow

Paper peepshows are like pocket-sized stage sets unfolding before your eyes. Inspired by our incredible peepshow collection, this guide shows you how to create your own unique miniature world crafted from paper!

The peepshow construction is simpler than it looks, but you will need a craft knife or scalpel for precise paper-cutting. Includes full instructions and templates.

Background image: © Katie Jones/Victoria and Albert Museum, London