Knit a work of art by Freddie Robins

Freddie Robins is known for her subversive knit designs that cross the boundaries of art, design and craft. Robins' work often tackles dark themes in a humorous way. Her Odd Gloves series includes twists on the traditional pair of gloves, from pairs that are joined to each other, to a single glove with ten fingers.

Robins' Conrad gloves are inspired by a character from Heinrich Hoffmann's 19th-century book of cautionary tales, Struwwelpeter. Conrad's mother tells her son that if he continues to suck his thumbs the scissor-man will come and cut them off. He ignores her warnings and – "Snip! Snap! Snip!" – he loses his thumbs. In Robins' visual interpretation of the story, the thumb on one glove is missing, while on the other it's a "bloody stump" created in mohair.

Conrad gloves, Freddie Robins, 1997 – 99, London. Museum no. T.619:1&2-1999. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

You can knit a pair of Conrad gloves by downloading our free pattern below.